Why you need close digital protection

published on september 21, 2020


A new era in cyber security is fast approaching. Between the recent massive wave of cyber-attacks and the phenomenal growth of remote working, networks will be dealing with a monumental amount of traffic and attacks that many ISPs may have difficulty contending with. The focus of cyber security will slowly shift away from ISPs and networks, and towards the private individual. Family computers, personal laptops and even mobile devices will become the new battlegrounds, and Close Digital Protection (CDP) will be a necessity.

The illusion that antivirus is enough to keep you safe is, thankfully, gone or going. Just protecting from one type of malware is not enough in the modern age. That’s exactly why the need for CDP could not be more pertinent. CDP allows an individual to protect not just themselves but their family too in a much more holistic and well-rounded manner. All aspects of cyber security are considered, and every possible weakness is accounted for as CDP’s USP is the detailed and in-depth analysis of an individual’s risk, instead of blanket solutions for a larger number of users. CDP’s focused and flexible nature is the reason why it can be melded to fit the needs of any individual or business in the modern age.

A proactive stance in cyber intelligence isn’t just fashionable, it’s genius. As the old adage goes, “the best defence is a good offence”, and Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting make the perfect offence to keep your digital assets safe. Instead of waiting for incidents to happen, CDP reduces risk by analysing the potential threats to your security and eliminating them before they can pose a serious risk.

The focus on attack doesn’t stop there, as when an incident does happen CDP’s Digital Forensics and Private Investigations make sure that the real culprits of a cyber-attack are found, no matter the location of the attackers or the manner of the attack. 24-hour coverage also allows you to rest easy knowing that cyber security professionals will be watching your digital back at all times.

From a business’ point of view, the image of your brand can be one of the most important parts of any organisation, influencing how clients and customers alike view you and your product. That’s why protecting your brand online can have such an impact on a business’ bottom line, and why online brand protection is so important for businesses. Cyber attackers targeting a business don’t even have to breach defences, as the damage they can do from the outside may be more than worth their while.

The story of Close Digital Protection is just beginning, and the need for better and brighter cyber security will only increase as cyber criminals adapt to the new world of remote working and increased digital presence.

We’d love to have you along for the ride. Find out more at: https://cyb3rintelligence.com/contact/

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