Social Media Investigations and

Gathering information from social networks

Social media Investigations and Monitoring is critical for security teams and public safety. From handling event security, executive protection, asset management, and retail loss prevention. Even to help manage corporate travel risks. 

When organisations are operating globally, they can use social media to provide an instant window onto what is happening in a particular place, and whether or not their people or their organization will be impacted.

Within our capability, we can detect trends in social media, track profiles across social media networks including blogs, social media sites, news articles and forums.

Main values

Profile Tracking

Trend and Behavior Analysis

News Intelligence

Profile Tracking

We’ll track your social media profiles, not just work profiles, such as a company page, but also personal accounts including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We have access to over 50 private global social media networks and 250+ open, so if there are profiles, we will find them.

CYB3R INTELLIGENCE will notify you of any high exposure. For example, too much information being intentionally or unintentionally shared or leaked via social media posts, comments and photos. This data can jeopardise your organisation’s identity and leak sensitive PII data, most notability, location data and physical personal assets (C-Level executives highly recommended: COO, CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, CCO, CIO, CPO, etc). This information is provided in regular reports to maintain clear visibility of your threat landscape.

Trend and behavior analysis

Within the Close Digital Protection social media investigations and monitoring capability, we are able to conduct trend and behavior analysis on content posted on social media networks and surface web sites. These trends and behaviors can be monitored from content such as tags, posts, comments, speech, and within images using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability. This includes, general behaviors such as physical threats, activities,  travel, and emotional posts.

This means we can read text that is within images and also monitor this information/keywords. As an example, we can detect the word “Password” within a social media post of a C-Level executive. 

News Intelligence

Gain insight into the latest news that affect you or your business. CYB3R INTELLIGENCE provides relevant news, on a industry level but also on a geographic level.

Social media is the fastest way to find out what’s actually happening surrounding an event and who is involved. News outlets depend on public sharing of data and information it to determine the scope and severity of breaking news events.

closed Data sources

Twitter users want to be heard, which means most of the content posted is public. This makes Twitter a very good source of open data, and an important network to pay attention to.

Mastodon is a Twitter-like platform where users post “toots” but comes with some key differences. It is a decentralised, federated network – meaning that instead of operating as one website and storing data in one place, it distributes data across thousands of websites and servers around the world. Each “instance” hosts distinct content types and communities.

The voiceover IP program Discord was originally designed for the Twitch gaming community to communicate and has versatile chat, video and voice capabilities (think a cross between Skype and Slack). It’s free and open for people to create their own “servers” and host either private, password protected, or public channels. With over 200 million users, Discord is conducive to illicit conversations and arrangement-making.

With over 500 million accounts, the social networking site VKontakte (VK) is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It has a Facebook-style interface, Foursquare-like check-ins, and a Pirate-Bay type of file-sharing service. Users can add friends, gain followers, create groups and share files freely. However, unlike Facebook, VKontakte falls under Russian operating laws, meaning a lack of IP restrictions and fertile ground for all kinds of activity.

The 7th most visited website in the US (and 22th in the world), Reddit is an online forum and news aggregator. The content on Reddit is text-heavy and user-generated and there is A LOT of it. With over a million subreddits, basically anything you can think of, a Redditor has talked about it.

Made by users who revolted from Reddit over bans on certain subreddits, Raddle functions very much the same way, but with less restrictions. 

Telegram is an instant messaging, voice, and video messaging service, but with the extra features of auto-delete and added encryption (think a cross between WhatsApp and Snapchat). Telegram allows private or public group channels where users can post in a way that their identities aren’t shown, only the name and avatar of the group is revealed. With over 200 million active users, it’s no surprise that Telegram is an attractive app for unlawful activity.  

Tumblr exists where social media and blogging overlap. Users can share links, photos, videos, and music. As of 2018, Tumblr was home to 168 billion unique posts. Tumblr is public by default, making it a very rich source of open source data. is a social network designed to help current and former classmates stay in touch. allows users to set up a profile, connect with other users, engage in private chats and discussion boards, and share updates and images. is very popular in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Flickr is a photo-sharing platform that encourages connecting with friends and other community members with tagging and commenting capabilities.

YouTube: The most popular video sharing network, YouTube allows users to upload, view, follow, and comment. There is a very diverse range of content and YouTube provides a deep source of data.

Vimeo: Artists and creators share, comment, and engage with others by following or viewing videos in curated channels within the Vimeo platform.

Snapchat: A mobile messaging app, Snapchat allows users to share pictures and videos (including live videos) that disappear after a short period of time. Snapmaps are a valuable resource for discovering breaking events all over the world.

4chan is an image-based bulletin board where anyone can anonymously post comments and share images. This candid platform is unique in that all threads expire after a relatively short amount of time. This creates an environment conducive to open expression.

Medium is an online publishing platform for amateur and professional writers. Users share content such as blogs, articles, and stories. Medium encourages long-form authentic content, which makes it a popular outlet for authors and journalists.

News: Bringing traditional news sources to a social media monitoring platform adds context to breaking news events and popular topics worldwide. CYB3R INTELLIGENCE aggregates news content from blogs, forums, news articles, and radio stations.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows users to create online bulletin boards. Users search specific topics or browse an endless feed of relevant posts based on their interests. Searching a topic on Pinterest may provide insight into how a brand or product is being perceived, and whether or not it is increasing in popularity.

Right-wing free speech social media platform. This platform is becoming more and more popular with extremists and far right-wing.

Facebook is a website which allows users, who sign-up for free profiles, to connect with friends, work colleagues or people they don’t know, online. It allows users to share pictures, music, videos, and articles, as well as their own thoughts and opinions with however many people they like.

Instagram is a social media platform that emphasizes photo and video sharing via its mobile app. You can take, edit, and publish visual content for your followers to interact with thorough likes, comments, and shares.

More Continuously Being Added

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The Close Digital Protection Team of threat researchers conduct in-depth analysis of social media profiles and how it can affect your organisation.

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