Online Asset Protection and Monitoring


Your website is often the first way for customers to engage with your organization. Protecting that engagement against spoofed domains, impersonations and hacking is critical. Identify and take down typosquatting, homoglyph, subdomain spoofing and other domain-based attacks before they reach your customers.

Our Online Asset Protection capability includes monitoring threats associated with your websites, blogs, financial portals, etc. In the event of an adversary cloning your financial portals or critical login pages, for example websites, to obtain your credentials, we will notify you immediately, and will conduct remediation on your behalf.

Main values

IP Intelligence

WHOIS Intelligence

Domain Intelligence


IP addresses are involved in malicious attacks such as virus and malware, spam or ransomware attacks. CYB3R INTELLIGENCE will detect IP addresses associated with your online assets and gather information such as IP geolocations, IP blocks and subnets, open ports, and IP usage stats.

This information is then used to visualise your digital infrastructure, allowing us to uncover anomalies and possible threats to your organisation. This includes detecting specific target operating systems and tracking targets advanced geolocation technology.

WHOIS Intelligence

Whois Intelligence enables us to locate information about your infrastructure hosts and personal information. Whois intelligence has played are large role in our investigations and monitoring services as we can find – corporate or personal – names, email addresses, physical addresses and many more entities. This leads to physical threats made by threat actors and targeting digital attacks.

Domain privacy hides your current information but what about last year’s information? At CYB3R INTELLIGENCE we have access to an extensive database of historical whois data that will provide useful within our Managed Close Digital Protection and On-Demand Close Digital Protection service.

Domain intelligencE

We will monitor your online assets, such as your domains, private client portals, banking portals for out-of-date security certificates (SSL), subdomains, asset components, host pairs and DNS resolutions. Collecting this information will enable us to dramatically enhance the visibility of infrastructure and organisational security.

Our team protects domains closely associated with your brand, executives, and assets against phishing attacks, fake portals, spoofed domains, hijacked brand environments – saving your internal teams time and resources.

why online asset protection and monitoring?

Protect customers from hijacked brand environments, phishing and malware scams by ensuring your URLs are the only ones they could click on.

Stop attackers from running campaigns against your customers, brand and personnel and protect your business from the security and reputational ramifications.

Count on the CDP team of takedown specialists to remove fraudulent domains on your behalf, saving your teams time and resources.

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