At CYB3R INTELLIGENCE, we use various tools to illustrate where our client’s weaknesses are and further identified. This makes it easier for us to recommend and supply our clients with remediation suggestions/support. 

Information is cross referenced with a combination of multiple threat feeds/sources technologies and analysts on our team at achieve maximise success rates.

IDEntify. threats. quicker.

Online Asset Protection and Monitoring

Bespoke Online Application Protection

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Intelligence and Monitoring

Vulnerability Assessments

Critical 24x7x365 Infrastructure Protection

Dark Web Investigations and Monitoring

Visibility of Exposure On The Dark Web

Credential Monitoring and Breach Detection

Stay Protected Form the Latest Data Breaches

Data Leakage Monitoring

Identify Potential Areas of Information Leakage

Brand Protection and Monitoring

Detect domains and malware campaigns targeting your business

Fraud Detection and Investigations

Get insight of credit card fraud and identify theft using actionable intel

Data Removal and Incident Response

Remove critical information and reduce your digital footprint

common questions

Yes. Often times we are asked “Do these people know each other?” or “Are these companies connected?”. We are able to break down the digital footprint of two entities and then analysis any overlaps. Please visit the Social Media Monitoring page for more information.

At CYB3R INTELLIGENCE, we have access to over 50 closed and over 250 open social media platforms and sites which enables us to profile track with ease. These include: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat. Please get in touch to understand the full capability or visit Social Media Monitoring.

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